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Italian SEO and Link Building – Italy in business internationalisation

Can Italian SEO and link building in Italy support companies working on their internationalisation process tackle the Italian market? This article examines whether and how site optimisation for Italian traffic, and the consequent construction of a backlink network from Italian sites, can positively act in business internationalisation by increasing Italian organic traffic and let’s start by illustrating the concept of business internationalisation itself.

An essential factor in the business internationalization process is visibility on international markets

What is business internationalisation?

At a general level, business internationalisation can be summarised as the set of actions and practices that all kinds and types of companies need to do to interact with relative international markets for the business it carries out.

A company may have an interest in purchasing products and services from foreign suppliers, relocate production abroad, start partnerships of various kinds or, as it more often happens, might be interested in proposing itself on international markets to sell its products and services.

According to its specific purposes, the company will have to carry out commercial actions in compliance with the legislation in force in Italy and the countries of its interest, taking into account international legislation and any bilateral agreements between states.

How to internationalise companies?

A memorandum on corporate internationalisation is the subject of a new article extended to those aspects less related to our activity as SEO consultants. We refer to aspects such as the planning of the objectives, the company check-up that analyses the resources (human, technical and financial) available and necessary to support the development plan abroad, the analyses of the markets of interest, the on-the-spot strategies (trade-fairs, workshops, after-sales assistance, etc.), to reach international contracts, which often represent the final part of preparing the internationalisation plan and the start of its execution.

International SEO and Link Building in Italian.
How do they fit into a company’s internationalisation process?


Positioning on the markets

A crucial part of the internationalisation process of the company wanting to face the Italian market consists of the company’s ability to acquire visibility on Italian search engines and to present itself on the Italian market to achieve such objectives. Thanks to globalisation and progressive digitalisation, the current dynamics are now consolidated both on a personal and company level: when a need arises, you access the search engines, you carry out increasingly limited searches, you make contacts and/or proceed with online orders. The online presence in the markets of interest (geographic regions in which you intend to operate) is the first step in any process of business internationalisation. Without a website visible in Italy and browsable in Italian, the language of the person searching, one cannot speak of online visibility in Italy and consequently, cannot speak of a real internationalisation process and penetration in the Italian market. Companies that want to buy or sell in Italy, need for visibility and credibility on the Italian market.

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Link building in a foreign language

International SEO allows you to structure the website for the geographic area of interest, Italy, in the language spoken locally, Italian, optimising it for all the inherent nuances of Italian which, depending on the region, can lead to different search queries from region to region whilst remaining in Italy. It is a type of optimisation that can exclusively be performed by an Italian mother tongue SEO consultant.

Link building in Italian lets you to create the website’s backlink network by acquiring links from sites in the same geographical area, Italy, and/or in the same language as the one you need to “push”, i.e. Italian

The linguistic aspects are fundamental because, even if Italian is one, as was anticipated, there are many facets not only between the different Italian regions but also among users of different targets for age, education and spending power.

SEO in Italian and Link Building Italy are two strategic elements of fundamental importance in the internationalisation process of foreign companies that want to operate in Italy which, only thanks to a website designed for the Italian market, with texts written by competent Italian native speakers and links from thematically related domestic sites, can acquire visibility capable of generating contacts and/or conversions from Italy.

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