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Melascrivi piattaforma di autori online

Contentmarketingsuite: platform of online authors

SEO is made up of metrics, analyzes, links, content and writing. The mantra “content is king”, inherited from the world of marketing, makes it clear how the drafting of optimized content plays an increasingly unquestionable strategic role. What is the contribution that an author platform like can make to an SEO strategy?

What is Contentmarketingsuite?

For those who do not know it, is a marketplace to which authors , copywriters , ghostwriters , journalists, and in general all those who want to earn by writing articles or translating can register.   Melascrivi: marketplace al quale possono iscriversi autori, copywriter, ghostwriter, giornalisti, interpreti e traduttori CMS collects orders from companies and web agencies that need content or translations for their digital strategy, offering a complete range of services for writing and promoting content,
By the generic term “contents” we mean: articles for sites and blogs, product sheets for e-commerce sites, texts for landing pages, reviews, tutorials, press releases and whoever has more than one, whose use is not necessarily finalized to digital.
Let’s see why the aspect of SEO for quality content (articles, guest posts or translations) is so important for effectively structuring your online marketing actions.  

Content is King

Google has always had the goal of providing users with the best results for each search. To be considered quality, the content of a web page must be complete , exhaustive , well structured and relevant to what the user has searched for through the search engine. These are the characteristics that make a text easily accessible by those who read it and appreciated by Google, which aims to return results that can effectively respond to users’ needs. The quality of the contents is therefore the factor that can most influence the success of a digital strategy .  

But what is “the best content”?

The concept of “best” is certainly a subjective concept when the judge is a human being. When the judge is an algorithm , however, the discourse changes. A good content that can position itself well on Google is a text that must deal with the topic in a comprehensive and professional way.
An article dedicated to green tea, for example, cannot report a generic title, such as “Green tea”, and then simply say that this drink is good for health. An exhaustive text will have to talk about free radicals, catechins, cultivation, water retention, and all the other aspects that are related to this theme and that could be interesting for the reader.
  Schema CMS   To understand if a topic is sold out, it is necessary to analyze the main keyword , identify all the related ones and make sure to write an article that touches all these topics, also evaluating how the same topic is addressed by competitors or other sites that they deal with the topic.  

Who to write “the best article”?

Here we get to the heart of our article. Leaving aside the classic “who does it himself does for three”, it is good that each of us do his job by delegating to third parties the activities in which he does not excel. A good SEO consultant can perform detailed analyzes of domains and keywords, but may not have the ease of writing of a professional journalist or copywriter . Here then Contentmarketingsuite becomes an important resource, as it makes available to customers a large number of authors of various backgrounds, each versed on specific topics, able to write with competence and professionalism on the topic of our interest.  

How does CMS work?

By registering on the platform you can create a personal account to manage independently such as:
  • Customer : to request content in Italian or foreign languages and translations, or to request promotion services through social campaigns or Digital Pr.
  • Author and / or translator : to work as a copywriter and take charge of the writing of content that is commissioned by customers.
If you register as a customer, you can proceed through your account to request content on the platform, providing the authors with guidelines that help them lay out content that conforms to your expectations. Once you have indicated the required tone and style , any sources from which to take a cue, the structure of the content and the number of words (CMS does not count the stopwords, that is very common words of less than 3 letters), you can also request any additional services :
  • Editing, to filter authors more akin to your needs and set a personalized expiration date.
  • Proofreading , to entrust a first review of the content to an expert and particularly deserving author.
  • Formatting , to ensure that the author can insert bold or optimized titles in SEO perspective (H1, H2, H3, etc) and the content is ready for publication.
  • Images , to further enrich the content.
The plus of CMS lies in being able to set the quality level of the content that best suits your needs and your budget. The quality of the contents is indicated on a scale of 1 to 4 stars and each author on the platform is assigned a level based on the quality of the work done. The higher the author’s level, the higher the cost per word. For example, for a content of 400 words in maximum quality (4 stars) the total cost for the Customer will be around € 7, variable according to the additional services requested. For particularly complex creative projects or texts that require professional quality , you can also entrust the contents to an editorial staff of journalists , writing experts selected by the Staff in order to offer an excellent quality service. The authors – whether they are journalists or freelance copywriters – can view the orders requested by customers through their account and proceed with writing within the set deadline . Sometimes it can happen that, due to the high competition between authors, all orders are processed before new requests are sent by customers. However, this is a momentary and variable situation over time. New orders are constantly requested and therefore there is no shortage of opportunities for authors to work. For each content written as author you will accumulate the corresponding credit on the platform and the payment of the accrued credit will then be provided to you via PayPal once a week. If a content compiled does not conform to expectations, the customer is not required to accept it immediately but can choose to request corrections or reject it . In this second case, the author loses the order and does not receive the credit of the corresponding amount. It may happen that some unscrupulous customers or patients decide to reject content in the trunk, without giving the author a second chance to improve it. In reality, these are some isolated cases and the Staff takes care to always intervene promptly to clarify any misunderstandings. However, this allows us to understand how the platform is very attentive to customer requests and how an author cannot take this job superficially : you have to work hard to meet your customers’ requests by carefully following the brief provided.  

How to make the most of CMS?

The correct use of a marketplace is a practice that hides pitfalls and sometimes generates dissatisfaction because the results do not conform to expectations. Assuming that not all authors have the same skills, it is essential to know the platform well in order to get the best from copywriters what they are able to give, avoiding being enticed only by the lowest price. If an author is classified with 1 star, we certainly cannot expect him to write a medical treatise to be published in a scientific journal. For such content it would be better to rely on a 4-star author or, even better, on a journalist with previous experience in the medical field if not even a doctor who likes to write. The same applies to the compilation of the guidelines : if you need specific elements within the text you are requesting, indicate them. The more details you enter, the greater the adherence of the content to your needs. If you are a customer, therefore, you must be careful to first examine all the possibilities and find the one that best suits your needs (the service offered by is truly varied!), Putting yourself in the shoes of the authors and showing yourself able to meet their needs.  

Should an author write for CMS?

In a world where nobody gives anything, undoubtedly yes. In this way, the authors do not risk being plucked in direct negotiations with shark agencies that always ask for quantity discounts and do not put the collection at risk. They must not submit to last minute requests which, if not satisfied, make you lose the customer. The authors receive orders from Contentmarketingsuite, decide whether to accept them and know that Contentmarketingsuite is the guarantor of the payment .  

Why rely on Contentmarketingsuite?

Contentmarketingsuite is the best known marketplace in Italy for content writing, product data sheets and translations. Like any platform, it can be used profitably by both the client and the author. Getting the maximum is possible if you know what you want to get and if you know how to transmit the right amount of information to the authors, perhaps even involving them emotionally and rewarding them with a good rating or a positive comment during the acceptance phase. The mistake that is often made is not considering that on the other side there are people in flesh and blood, who most often work with passion and for whom the rewards are not only of an economic nature. Of course you will achieve the maximum by selecting your authors over time to form an editorial staff in which to start projects that include cash prizes.

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